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Monday, January 31, 2011

UFO and the ISS

UFO and the ISS - Original Video - Full Version

UFO and the ISS - INFRARED Version

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ufo San Paulo Brazil, 1.16.11.

Case Number:27411
Log Number:BR-01162011-0001
Submitted Date:2011-01-16 00:26 GMT
Event Date:2005-12-04 00:00 GMT
Vallee Index:FB1
This event happened in April 2006. I do not remember the exact date. The sighting occurred after 14 hours. In the city of Aruj� in the state of Sao Paulo, near the International Airport of Guarulhos. At this time I was at work in the administrative building of the factory. I watched through the window what looked like a balloon, but not surprised. What I looked was the fact that approximately 15 minutes after the object was in the same place. A balloon would not stay in place after this time. I grabbed my camera and took three consecutive shots of the object that was above the trees. Visually appeared metallic. remained static height, but seemed to spin a shaft. After taking the pictures was to show some friends from work just after the object disappeared. This was the second viewing of a total of 5, but only one that got visual proof. Frankly I think this is a weather balloon, even being close (approximately 10 km) from the airport station. But the fact remains reasonable time stopped in the air intrigued me. Normally a balloon moves because of the wind. In the picture the object is located just above the green concrete structure (the factory cafeteria.)

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